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whale watching

max. 8 passengers

whale watching trip
$1600 pesos pp

Three-hour tours leaving directly from Sayulita beach. We offer biologist led, three-hour whale watching tours, leaving directly from the beach in Sayulita in licensed whale watching boats. Spaces are limited with small groups of only 9 people max. The guides are experienced biologist guides engaged in whale research. Light snacks and water are included. A hydrophone, a special marine microphone, is also on board so you can listen to the whales too! We have lifejackets to fit all sizes, and there are shade and towels onboard.

We will be whale watching in the area around Sayulita, San Pancho, Litibu and the Pacific side of Punta de Mita, avoiding the tourist crowds of the Bay of Banderas. We believe that the beauty of whale watching is to be respectful of the whales, to respect the whale watching regulations, and to be the only boat for miles!

The whale watching industry in the area is based around humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) migrating to the region each winter. However, we may well also see Bryde’s whales (Balaenoptera edeni), gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus), false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens), orca killer whales (Orcinus orca), bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), pantropical spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata) and rough-toothed Dolphins (Steno bredanensis). Of course being out on the ocean……..anything is possible! In January 2016, we came across a pod of 20 – 30 sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) only 1.5km from Sayulita and San Pancho beach. Never before officially documented in Nayarit! There are 39 species of cetaceans recorded in the Mexican Pacific, which is over 40% of species recognized worldwide! By coming whale watching with us, you are supporting our research and allowing us to learn more about the cetaceans of the area, as we are the first to conduct whale research from Sayulita.

Private Boat Whale Watch Trip

With all the same opportunities and facilities as above, but by choosing a private trip you will have the freedom to do whatever you would like in the three hours available, and tailor the trip to your needs.

We can also adapt the timing of the trip to suit you (outside holiday periods), and can organise special picks ups if travelling from outside of Sayulita. Any special food and drink requests can also be met, and children of all ages and pets(!) are welcome too.

Private trips are actually more economical for larger groups. Additionally, on several occasions we have organised multiple boats to leave at the same time for large groups, travelling out to sea together, and remaining close by during the trip, all guests have been extremely happy with their group trips! 

exploring the beauty of the coast

Chacala Private Whale Watching Trips

6 hours $14,000 Pesos

  • We take you to the small, quiet beach town of Chacala via boat directly from Sayulita. We whale watch on our jouney to Chacala  in the morning and let you experience and enjoy the town for lunch (not included), before navigating back to Sayulita whale watching once again.
  • Biologist led, 6-hour tours, leaving from Sayulita beach.
  • Groups of up to eight people maximum
  • Experienced biologist guides engaged in whale research
  • A hydrophone, a special marine microphone, is onboard so you can listen to the whales
  • Licensed whale watching boats
  • Snacks and water, life jackets to fit all ages and sizes
  • Departures 8:30am (ETA back in Sayulita: 2:30pm)

Two Day Whale Research Trips to Isla Isabel National Park

$10,000 Pesos per person

  • This trip is for the adventure traveler and for people who are physically fit and like wildlife, whales, the ocean and camping.
  • We will drive to San Blas stopping for breakfast on the way to Chacala. We then take a boat out to the National Park of Isla Isabel, whale watching en-route and collecting important whale data. Isabel is an incredibly beautiful island full of booby birds, great snorkeling and a central crater, you can enjoy the island all afternoon and then have dinner around the campfire. We then camp the night and before returning back to Sayulita the next day, we will pass through the area with the highest densities of whales in the region. We get home at around 6PM to Sayulita.
  • Minimum four people needed to book. Groups of up to nine people max.
  • All food and accommodation is included over the two days.
  • Experienced biologist guides engaged in whale research
  • A hydrophone, a special marine microphone, is onboard so you can listen to the whales

We take out a maximum 8 people and the cost of a private tour is $ 10,000 Pesos

Cost for individual tour is $ 1,600 Pesos


Tel: (+ 52) 322 121 3917/322 294 4187 email:

NB. If you can not get through to us by telephone, we may be out on the water without signal, but we will always be back on dry land by 6 pm to answer your calls!

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